Hut #7 Events

Hut #7 Events

Hut #7 is a hut built of trash found on and around the site of St. Nicks Alliance by choreographer and multi-media artist Jill Sigman. The hut is simultaneously a sculpture, a dwelling, and a stage, allowing various activities to happen in and around it. It is part of a series of site-specific huts made of found and re-purposed materials, raising issues around waste, sustainability, housing, and home.


 Upcoming performances and events include:

SUNDAY, April 22  1-5PM

Open Hut Community Day: A Metaphorical Groundbreaking for Hut #7

Join us for tea, conversation, music, and a novel way to meet your neighbors! We will celebrate the shift from the research phase to the building phase and we will honor the community members who have helped us in that process! Wesleyan University students who have been doing research in the community on issues pertaining to waste, health, and housing will present their multi-media research projects. They have been mentored in their research by Jill, cultural anthropologist Gillian Goslinga, and neighborhood residents.

Jill will present a tea serving ritual to prepare the site and ask how you envision Hut #7.
Composer/vocalist Kristin Norderval will perform environmentally related compositions.
Former “Miss Greenpoint” Sweet Soubrette launches the hut building site with an original song about Brooklyn trash.
New design firm BRUNO will unveil exhibition elements for a new gallery exhibition about The Hut Project.

FRIDAY, May 11  7PM

Music in the Construction Zone: New Music on Found Instruments and Environmental Themes

Gustavo Aguilar, Cristian Amigo, and Miguel Frasconi play in the construction site of Hut #7.


Have a sneak preview of Hut #7 at: Syttende Mai, a performance art exploration of home and national identity by emerging Norwegian artist Elisabeth Faerøy Lund in honor of Norwegian Independence Day.

FRIDAY, May 18  6:30PM


Opening of “Jill, why do you build huts?”, an exhibition about The Hut Project by BRUNO

Cheese tasting by Saxelby Cheesemongers

A Little Hut Music:  New Music for Recycled Instruments by composer/musicians Eve Beglarian and Eleonor Sandresky (@7pm)

Afterparty by BRUNO (@9pm)


Kathy Westwater—choreographer and performer presents her work at Fresh Kills Landfill through movement and video.


A Little Hut Music:  New Music for Home-Made Instruments by composer/vocalist Anne Hege and musician Matt Marble.

Opening by Sweet Soubrette and puppeteer Leat Klingman

SATURDAY, June 2  2-6PM

Bushwick Open Studios: Hut #7 Open Hut Day. Tea and talk with Jill Sigman. Music by Chrome Gnats.

SUNDAY, June 3  2-6PM

Bushwick Open Studios: Hut #7 Open Hut Day. Tea and talk with Jill Sigman. Music by Chrome Gnats.

FRI-SAT, June 15 & 16  8-10PM

TILL: First you build the hut. Then you till the space around it.

TILL is a solo movement performance by Jill Sigman in connection with her visual installation Hut #7. Sigman “works” the space around the hut in movement, making relentless circles around the temporary structure. Hut #7 is made of detritus–cast off objects—and built by Sigman on the site of a restored Greenpoint Hospital building. In what was once the hospital’s outpatient wing, later a shelter for homeless men, and newly an art space, Sigman’s movement acts as a kind of “divining rod” that reveals the history of the space in a new way, and links it to the area’s present as a hotspot of garbage processing. 40% of New York City’s waste is processed in Williamsburg-Greenpoint.

Live music by Miguel Frasconi, Austin Vaughn, and Cristian Amigo (Saturday).

Visitors can enter at any time between 8-10PM, but are encouraged to experience the full 2 hour arc of the performance.

Tickets: $20 (but no one turned away for lack of funds)

June 25—July 1;  10AM-6PM

The Hut Institute

An intensive laboratory-workshop for emerging artists working on borders.

“The Hut Institute” is an exploratory and learning space for emerging artists whose work explores boundaries— boundaries between artistic forms and boundaries between the “art world” and the “real world”. What is it to make live art in this historical moment? How can we be responsive to the impulses to hybridize, to be inclusive, to reach out, to leave the gallery or theater? The institute will take place at Hut #7, a hut built out of found and re-purposed materials on the site of a restored Greenpoint Hospital building. The hut will directly and indirectly influence our inquiry.

Participants will engage in a series of workshops each day including daily morning movement, and additional sessions with musicians, visual artists, and community organizers. Participants will be invited to work on a solo or group project in the neighborhood, exploring what “community interaction” can mean. Projects will be shared with the public (optional) at the Open Hut Day on July 1st.

Participants need not have longstanding training in a discipline, but should be open-minded, thoughtful, eager to move, and curious and respectful about how to temporarily enter a North Brooklyn community.


This workshop is subsidized by jill sigman/thinkdance and Arts@Renaissance. $250 for 6 days (10am-6pm).  July 1 Open Hut Day optional. Contact for questions or registration instructions.

SUN, July 1  1-6PM

Open Hut Day

1pm DIY Carpentry Workshop with E.W. Fye

2pm ‘Build A Soda Bottle Planter’ Workshop with Boswyck Farms

2pm Sound Improvisation Workshop with Composer and Percussionist Gustavo Aguilar

3pm Permaculture In the City: a discussion with permaculture visionary Andrew Faust

4pm “Talking about more than a hut through the lens of art”– A panel about bridging art and audience
With Isabella Bruno (BRUNO); Christina Ferwerda (BRUNO); Dana Whitco (Center for Creative Research); Lisa Phillips (The Earth Institute, Columbia University) and Jill Sigman (jill sigman/thinkdance). Moderated by Roland Gebhardt.
How does art become meaningful to a viewer? Is it just a matter of how we see it? What about knowledge of how the work was made, the context or hardship in bringing it to life? How does the experience change knowing the personal story of the maker, or in the context of the viewer’s life experience? We’ll meet to discuss ways of contextualizing art with hard facts, personal stories, displayed objects and sheer joy. Join us for a panel and discussion about exhibitions and other ways that museums, presenters, educators, and others help art to reach and to be understood by various publics.

4:30pm GRUB
A free dinner made of reclaimed food by In Our Hearts.

5pm Gotham Roots Orchestra
A great band tries out its new song “Bad Time to be a Fish”!


Thursdays & Saturdays 2-7PM.

Come visit The Hut Project exhibition by BRUNO and have tea with the docent inside Hut #7.

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