Puppets Please Workshops! Fascinating journey into childhood! Come and be enchanted!



Puppetry in Film Workshop

Come and make a puppet with us!

Have you ever played with your food, danced with your fingers, or talked to your teddy bear? Is your inner child is kicking? Then this is the place to be on May’s Saturdays!

Open to ages 5 and up, we will conduct three Puppetry in Film workshops free for the community. These will take place on Saturday, May 5th, 12th, and 19th, between 2-5pm.

A special time to slow down and learn some new techniques of puppet making. All materials are child friendly and very colorful.

Then, once you have completed your puppet you will be able to make a short film with it, solo or with some puppeteer friends!!! You will also have a wonderful opportunity to meet the friendly Wolfy, who will be visiting and interacting with your puppet.

The best short films will be presented to the larger audiences on the exciting evening that will host a Grand Puppet Slam! on Friday, June 22nd, at 7pm. The films will also be available online for you to share with your family and friends at- www.wolfysjourney.com




an enchanting and musical puppet-film

Friday, June 1st, 7pm

Who is Wolfy?

Wolfy is a curious and bewildered wolf who sets to roam an enchanting and colorful land.

What happens?

Wolfy encounters fanciful characters that help him unravel his view of life’s perplexities, through music, dance and play!

Is this a real story?

This film is a healthy mix of reality and fantasy, childhood and adulthood, and fact versus fiction.

Who is this film for?

This is a journey that fits those who are young at heart.

Short Bio:

Leat Klingman is a puppeteer-filmmaker. She was born in Israel and lives and works in New York. She received her BFA from the University of Haifa, and her MFA from the New York School of Visual Arts. Leat has transformed herself from a painter/sculptor to a puppeteer-filmmaker with much joy! She concentrates on creating and telling stories of fanciful puppets and their realms, such as the case with Wolfy and Mister Pink. More of her work can be seen at http://www.wolfysjourney.com



A Grand Puppet Slam!

*Kid friendly*

When will it happen?

Friday, June 22nd, 7pm

What is a Puppet Slam?

It’s when puppets gather and perform short and fun shows for the world!

Who will be performing?

A good mix of professional puppeteers, professional puppets (like Wolfy) and people from the community who took part in the Puppetry in Film workshops [that’s YOU!]

How long will it be?

About an hour of live singing, dancing, furry fun films and lots of treats!

What should I bring?

Bring an open heart and a curious mind.


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