Our Residencies


Site-Specific Residency: We present a full calendar of site-specific exhibitions, performances, and screenings by multidisciplinary artists that utilize one of 8 unique spaces in North Brooklyn. Artists are empowered to create interactive new work over the course of three months with a public component. Each program is grounded in its relevancy to the local community. Artists are selected through a competitive application process by a curatorial committee made up of local residents, leaders, & artists. The central purpose of this program is to increase neighborhood access to high-caliber arts programming. Apply here.

Studio Residency:We provide free studio space to 3 North Brooklyn artists with community-based practice for 4 months. Artists are selected based on artistic merit, the relevancy of the artist’s work to the broader network of health, youth, employment and housing services offered by St. Nicks, and the depth of the artist’s personal connection to North Brooklyn. In addition to being evaluated individually each set of artists is considered as a whole to ensure that the extensive economic and ethnic diversity of the neighborhood is represented. In addition to furthering their own practice, resident artists are given access to the numerous low and moderate income properties, community gardens or public spaces managed by St. Nicks Alliance. We can only accept applications from North Brooklyn Residents. Apply here.


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